SQA Hospitality Qualification


Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)
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Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)
The SCQF is a way of comparing the wide range of Scottish qualifications. It covers achievements such as those from school, college, university, and many work-based qualifications. It does this by giving each qualification a level and a number of credit points. The level of a qualification shows how difficult the learning is. The credit points show how much learning is involved in achieving that qualification. Each credit point represents an average of 10 hours of learning.

The SCQF can help:

  • decide how you progress in your learning
  • understand qualifications you are not familiar with
  • employers understand different types of qualifications and help development of employees skills
  • colleges and universities identify the level that has been studied in a particular subject and make it easier to transfer credit points between different learning programs provide recognition for other areas of your learning that may contribute to your personal development and your future goals.

Further more, In today’s fast paced world, the hospitality industry is a major booming industry. LCCI GQ Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Hospitality will prepare students with the skills they need for successful career in the hospitality industry. Students will enjoy an unrivaled real life learning environment with LCCI GQ collaboration with various partners both locally and internationally. Students will be given opportunity to combine management skills with practical knowledge such as front office, restaurant operations, housekeeping, food & beverage services and culinary arts in order to fast track their careers in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry continues to grow; the World Travel Organization predicts that it will triple in size by the year 2020, becoming one of the largest industries in the world. This growth will provide many employment opportunities for people with the right qualifications, and LCCI GQ Hospitality qualifications with its accreditation from Scottish Qualifications Authority, Scotland (UK) provides exactly the type of education and skills that the future hospitality managers require to succeed.

Furthermore, LCCI GQ Hospitality Qualifications have been credit rated by Scottish Credit & Qualifications Framework (SCQF) which is comparable to European Qualifications Framework (EQF) as outlined below:

Name of Programme                            SCQF Level            SCQF Credit Points      EQF Level

Diploma in Global Culinary Arts                    6                                   67                               4

Diploma in Hospitality Management              5                                   64                               3

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management 7                                   99                               5

This international bench-marking will offer additional value and career progression to our students.